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Carbon parts query

graham bass

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Not so much technical but as part of my, now seemingly extensive, winter fettle I'm considering changing all 4 wings to carbon but I don't want high gloss parts.

who is currently producing quality matt/low sheen carbon wings at a reasonable price with matching weave.



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i have a set Graham but they are a the larger radius as they used to fit over my 16" wheels, it is possible to rum down a shiny wing with 3M pads to get the effect, this is what i did as we never acheived a perfect gloss finnish with the pre preg.


Kevin R


black(but sometimes orange)-ali HPC


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I got a set from Bryn (Bryn7 on this forum) that he had made. They were a perfect match to my old nose and rear wings.


These are same type as the good old pre-preg stuff Caterham used to supply before moving to infusion (sp?) moulding.


I might be able to dig up Bryns email address if you're interested.




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