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I have had an Autocom system since last summer and have been using battery's but as i usually have music playing the battery's give up the ghost after only a few hours, I have tried cobbling it to a 12v plug in device but it doesnt want to play. should it be hard wired in to the car to work or do i have a faulty unit?


where is it best to wire it to if making a more permenant job,

cheers folks


Trotsky N7 HPC

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It should be fine wired to the car, Autocom do a plug in lead for exactly that purpose. You'll want to stick it on a fused circuit that's switched by the ignition or even possibly have it`s own switch (I wired mine into the fan switch as i don`t have a fan!) as it`s handy to be able to turn it off sometimes.




Rob G


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I bought Autocoms lead, but fitted a cigarette lighter plug - means I can plug it in when I want it, remove it (completely from the car if I want) when I want, and use in other cars, lend it to mates with straight cut gboxes in Minis, etc.



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The next problem you may come across is electrical interference from the alternator / sparks. I’ve just got a bridge rectifier (and capacitor) and a ferrite ring from Maplins in an attempt to overcome a background noise that I was getting on my Autocom (interference was related to engine revs). Got to be worth a try @ less that a fiver.



-----Steve - Orange and Black ex Academy - now looking at things from a slightly different perspective.

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