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tyre sizes


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My rear Toyo 888's are about on the limit now and I'm thinking of going up in size, currently 185 x60x 14.


my quistion is what size can I safely go up to, rims are 14x6, and what if any will the effect be on how the car handles , was thinking of 205 x 55x 14 Toyo 888's. the fronts will remain as 3.5 mm left on em


Trotsky N7 HPC

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IMO 205 section is getting a bit wide for a 6" rim. If the tyre is a lot wider than the rim, as you turn in to a bend, the tyre will move across the rim before it all stabilises and the corning force builds up. Will make the car feel sloppy.









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Hi Trotsky


I have 13", 5 1/2j wheels and have just put R888 205/60/13 on the back and 185/60/13 on the front. The handling is so much improved it feels like a different car (previously 185/70/13 all round). The tyres don't look oversized on the rims and even with the wider profile the wall is still slightly smaller and definitely stiffer than the old tyres.


Hopefully see you at Newby Hall at the weekend and you can see for yourself




Beaulieu #28


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