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For Sale items - with pictures

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You may have noticed from a post in ChitChat that there's a new site to play with my.lotussevenclub.com


This site has a 'Marketplace' area that has pages in it where you can list items for sale with pictures. The categories in each area are fairly wide, I've put a few in, if you need more post here and I'll add them in.


I haven't yet worked out whether to keep a 'For Sale' forum in Blatchat or not, my inclination is not to, but I'll listen to your views. I'm sure you'll let me have them.


You'll need to log on to my.lotussevenclub.com using the same user account details that you have for www.lotussevenclub.com, if you haven't got a user account on there, you'll have to create one and then go to the My User Account page and update your membership number and PIN/Passcode (if you can't remember them, they're in your blatchat profile which you can get to at the top of this page *arrowup* *arrowup*)


Have fun *biggrin*




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Are you sure it's wise to make the for sale section strictly members only?


Lost of non members monitor Blatchat and hence also non members sometimes approach the seller of an item. We'll lose this if access is denied, and at the end of the day it may reduce the value of the item for sale.



Just my 2p though. I rarely sell anything anyway.



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Hi Barry,


It's not members only, anyone can see it - you don't have to be logged in, and anyone can contact the seller too.





I have to add that I like Blatchat like it is. Simple like the Seven.



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If you remove the 'for sale' section from BC all us dialup users won't be able to access it on the new site. because of the previously raised issue of all the 'stuff' being downlaoaded B4 access to the webpage ☹️


No doubt 'Dai Diallup' will be along soon & have his say on the matter too *wink*


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Apparently, there's nothing much for sale on the 'marketplace' ☹️


Good initiative *thumbup* ... but I think too little people know about it - let alone use it ...



Flanders AR - Flanders.AR@gmail.com


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” Antoine de Saint Exupery

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Have you taken the examples out Barry? I can't see anything in there *confused*


First impressions are - Leave the 'For Sale' alone. Its easy to browse when in Blatchat. If seller want to extend thier advert then they can link to the marketplace. Same goes for the 'Wanted'.



“Look at life through the aeroscreen, not the rear-view mirror”


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