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Unknown hole in Duratec Head

Andy Green

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Am preparing my R400 Duratec engine to go in the Caterham. So was fixing water rail. Noticed a threaded hole about 1.5 com diameter in head.


It is in the head in line with the four manifold inlets. At the rear of the engine on the left hand side.


Is it suppost to be blanked off ? Am I missing a senor - according to the wiring diagram all the sensors are fitted. Hole goes all way into the head.


Confused !


Any ideas ?

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Hi Andy, that's the outlet for the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system. It's normally left unblanked on most Duratec conversions, although you can blank it off for neatness.


The EGR inlet is at the back of the head, on the left hand side (just around the corner from the hole you mention). This should be blanked off with a blanking plate.


Hope this helps


Darren E


K80 RUM Website and Emerald maps library


Home of the long-term, supercharged Duratec project *biggrin*

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