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chassis - purpose of brazed bracket?


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There's a brazed on bracket under the induction on most chassis. It almost fits a washer bottle and owuld make a good point for a cattch tank on a zetec.


Does anyone know what this is originally for? It's on the engine bay diagonal adjacent to the sideskins


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looking at catch tanks there appear to be a few varieties, some larger than others. i wonder if they were ever fitted here. My XF catch tank appears to use a smaller bracket than the later washer bottles do.

Has anyone ever fitted a catch tank here - is there a tank that suits perhaps?

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Not wanting to hijack, but while we're at it, what's the purpose of the flat roughly 1" square bracket thing, under the rear nearside wheel arch? Sits to the rear of the De-Dion tube pointing outwards.


On my 1994 car anyway.

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I've often wondered about that and recently discovered that it's a bracket used to support a rear exit exhaust. Not now fitted to later cars. *thumbup*


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