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Pace K Dry Sump System Urgent Up-Date.

Johnty Lyons

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Have just spoken to Neill at Pace! Apologies Andy not trying to steal your Thread! Pace are dithering they have invested around £6K in development but are under pressure from long standing race teams and Zetec customers so have back peddled on the K system. So we need to know how many folk out there are still seriously thinking about this system and with that info Neill is prepared to push ahead. The delay in part he lays at our door we haven't pushed him so they have thought we are not interested, Bit of a chicken and egg situation really. So would those of you who are still keen to go down this path put your hand up now or we will be waiting another 12mths for a Pace System.



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Considering the risks and amounts involved, I would expect Neil to be looking for money rather than a hands up. Negotiate a price and get two confirmed orders with two full-price commitments. You will need a contract of some sort. Also propose a deposit (non-returnable if the product comes to market at the expected price) - something like 80 quid from interested parties - enough to be annoying if it is money for nothing.


I'm sure you can easily spot the parallels with other situations where intentions have not been backed up with money.

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If your on a budget or don`t want to spend £1700 plus vat you can save a shed load of money by specing your own oil tank. Its the bell tank and swirl tower that makes up the bulk of the cost. Should be possible to get a fully workable system using the Caterham Gold scavenge pump and sump pan and sorce your own oil tank for aroUnd the £1000 mark.
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thumbing through CCC last night I noticed an advert from QED about a K series dry sump system for I think £1150 plus the dreaded. I saw this at the autosport show but didn't really take much interest as I have the caterham dry sump system...


maybe worth a look if the Pace deal falls through


also not sure what you get for your 1150


also also it may be for an elise installation rather than caterham but it is not obvious to me why it wouldn't work



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