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Marshals Club Sprint & Champ Standings after 4

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whilst I compiled a version of the results, Graham must have edited, that part

I had credited you with the class win, and me with second, as the relevant section of the blue book states.


I have no wish to knock you off top spot after judging my final run to match your best time, but not take the class win off you on your birthday *smile*

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Hopefully my registration sign-in will work this time!!


Just to let you know that the Class 1 results for the Curborough Marshall's day are wrong. Headley defintely won although he still didn't get a plate!! The times look correct but Headley was car 51 and I was car 52.





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As it says, the registration sign-in does not guarantee a place you still have to send in your form and the dosh!


It's amazing how many people use 2nd class stamps or send forms ages after they're in the mag when they know there's always a tussle for places!


Barbara *smile*

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