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Help please - M1 adjustable suspension

Martin S.

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I’ve come across a set of springs and dampers for sale described as follows:


‘’A complete set of 4 bilstein M1 adjustable platform dampers and springs as fitted to Roadsport A cars. From a 2002 car’’


Apparently they’ve done about 20 races and I think the springs would be 250lb front & 215lb rear?????


My car is a ’94 dedion with standard suspension – 170lb front/progressive rears?/thickish front AR bar and is used for road and sprinting. Will I need a thinner front AR bar with the stiffer springs???? If/when I go wide track will they still fit or as they are off a 2002 car are they already wide track???


Finally opinions on whether or not this is an good upgrade



BRG De-dion, 2Ltr Dunnel Zetec 165, now with slippy diff 😬

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I use these dampers and originally the same springs. The rear springs are too hard IMHO for road use so I changed them to progressive spec rears from a 21 (or so I was told, they are in the range 160-180 I think). I was advised by Caterham to use a 5/8" front roll bar. On the rear I use a blue bushed ARB (1/2"??)set full soft. In this spec with an open diff it worked well on track, slight understeer which was balanced out under power. Good sharp turn in, but its a bit too hard on the road.


With my non slipping LSD (58lb.ft preload) it's too frisky, you can drift the car on the throttle at will and its mad in the wet. I've tried taking the rear ARB off completely... Hopefully next week I can tell you how it goes with the modified (30lb.ft) diff in place. I'll be getting some adjustable shocks for christmas to allow me to enjoy the car on the road more often.





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