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Sealing VVC blanking plate?

Dave McCulloch

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I sealed this with Halfords anaerobic sealant - same stuff I used when building the rest of the engine. Now slightly worried that I've resealed this twice and it's leaked (quite a lot *eek*) both times. I know it's got about 6 bar oil pressure against it (cold engine/oil), but so will the oil paths in the crank and cam ladders have 6 bar oil pressure. Am I going to have oil leaking out of every joint in the engine *eek* *eek*.


Any suggestions for sealing the blanking plate effectively 🤔





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This is said without DVA listening 😬


I used silcone!!!!!... a light layer on the eng face, let it cure for 5 mins then torque.


No leaks


Emerald Isle's 1st SV 148lbft @ 6091rpm/182bhp @ 6690rpm engineered for low revs

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