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Tonneau query


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I'm after a tonneau in the not too distant future......now my 1999 roadsport did have a tonneau at some point in it's life because it has the poppers for it. If I were to buy a second-hand tonneau are they all standard sizes - or will have to fit new poppers?.....and what about my leather headrests? Any help appreciated 😬
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the tonneua as supplied by caterham will have no poppers in so you will have to do that, I belive you can specify one with pockets for the headrests


if fitting your self sounds like too much hard work then maybe a visit to Jill Judd would be good, as I am sure they would be able to do it for you


rob *smile*

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If you buy a second hand tonneau then you run the risk that the poppers will not line quite the same as on your car so you may have a problem getting it to fit. However they should all be roughly in the same place so this may not be a major problem and fitting poppers yourself is fairly easy. Jill Judd (www.softbitsforsevens.co.uk) can put pockets in the tonneau for your headrests, cost about £50 I think.







Superlight #85

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