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- Garage To Rent

Philip Hastie

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Wanted Seven safe garage to rent in Guildford area, up to approx 5 mile radius. Must be dry and weatherproof. Preferably not town centre or in a restricted parking area. Please reply to this post or contact me on 07885 795659 if you can help or know someone who can.


Thanks, Phil.

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  • Area Representative

Congratulations Phil !

It's only three years since we ended up on El Camino de Santiago.

What have you bought 🤔


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Oopid obvious reply - have you tried the council?


I'm in Redhill and have a fab, well hidden local garage now for ten quid a week. The kids who play near are all really friendly, interested in the car and seem to be non-vicious...


My garage is administered by a housing trust - painless set up too.




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Thanks Mick and for the other replies and info on council garages. I am pursuing my local council and now have one reserved. I guess it's all a question of location. My previous coucil garage was broken into with dire results. Hopefully this one will prove a safer area.


Regards, Phil.





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