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o/t Lotus Elan wheels / tyres


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Anyone advise on best tyres for an Elan Sprint, with new stiffer twin wishbone spider chassis. Current options seem to be MX5 based 175/70/R13, used to be able to get Goodyear GP's.


Thanks in advance




aka... Tricks...

aka darstardly


Known as Mutley

Q205 NNB

Sylva Phoenix... name TBC





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Hi Mike,


beautiful cars are'nt they. Some of the best Sunday morning in my childhood were spent on the few inches available for me to squeeze behind my mum's seat in the S4. I remember a lot of blur from the wind buffeting and my first grins. The Elan's carbs growling in empty roads.


Nice days 😬






Antonella *smile*

1998 Caterham Classic

my site heremore photos here

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