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*FREE* - £10 - FREE - £10

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I have a voucher to the value of £10, for use at RIMMER BROS - the triumph/rover spares specialist...



i dont have any use for this voucher at the mo. its only valid for the next 2.5 months.


if anyone has a genuine use for a voucher to redeem against purchases at RIMMER BROS - you are welcome to it... *idea* *thumbup*


the voucher is only valid against purchases over £50. so if you are planning on buying a load of bits for your live axle car, and use triumph parts - this is for you.


please email me *smile*




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that little wager is still outstanding. mr jackson doesn't give up easily - he wanted it carried over to curby for a rematch...


my man dave can do the business again though *cool* no pressure granny... 😬



I'm unsulted by the comparrison to Mr Umoogoo. 😬 im trying to do someone a favour here... *wink*


Edited by - granteuk on 16 May 2005 13:16:20

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