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Hot misfires VX 1600


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A major event today - my first flat bed truck - relayed by the RAC off the A12 back to Berks. This looks like a case of hot miss fire - discussed in previous threads - but I am unable to find a solution in the archive.. can any-one help?


The car is an 8V VX 1600 with only 700 miles on the clock - it ran fine for about 50 miles today - (temp at about 80) - but then started misfiring under load - and got progressively worse. First RAC man replaced the HT lead from the coil to the distributer cap - and all seemed fine. Problem re-emerged after another 3 miles.....Nursed it on for a bit - seemed to recover a little when the car cooled. Second RAC man diagnosed a dodgy coil - and ordered the flat bed for me!..


The archive suggests suspects are coil, crank sensor......dodgy fuel or ecu box... 🤔 🤔.Help please !



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Have you tried the battery cutoff switch? This was the problem with mine at Cadwell last week. Misfiring like a bu99er particularly round right hand bends.


Andy McMillan from McMillan Motorsport suggested I wiggle the red key and the wiring behind the switch about a bit and see if the car cut out - sure enough it did.




Edited to change the word "witch" to "switch" - I feel like a lost consonant...!


My very quick and ready to go track car is for sale here


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nice and dry...pretty pleasant waiting for the RAC really..


I've got the coil off - will try one from Halfords....but not very confident that's the problem really -will also check the alternator connections and the ecu connections if I can find the box under the dash. Ho hum - Could be an interesting trip to Le Mans

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I had an issue with a hot misfire once, on more than 1 cylinder.


it was on a 300 mile drive from wales to scotland. i made it; but only after 3 or 4 lengthy stops. including a visit to a vauxhall dealership and spending £20 on a new set of sparkplugs....


the car was overfuelling and fouling up the plugs. until i found the dealership, id been stopping, taking the culprit plugs out, drying them off with the aid of a gas lighter, reinstalling. doing 40 miles then repeat.


the new plugs worked a treat for almost 200 miles, then misfire happened again and i was down to 2 cylinders with only 8 miles to go. i gave up then and called for a tow.


check the plugs. are they wet and/or black?

black means too rich.

wet means unburnt fuel.


check the carb settings...


remove the pump jets and idle jets and check the sizes. a few of us have found recently that the jet specification on the vx1600 various from car to car.


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you might find this thread useful for spark plug part numbers, and other info



and if you dont know about webers and would like a guide, email me and I can send you Dave Andrews carb tuning guide. its very good.

if you dont want to play with the carbs, it will at least allow you to identify the jets, and allow you to check thier sizes. which is an easy 10 minute job.


if your spark plugs are very black the fuel mixtures are too rich.

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Thanks all.


The fueling side of things may also be the cause of the problem


I've arranged to drop the car in to GRL in Woking this week - and put it on the rolling road.


Hopefully a good look by someone who knows what they are doing will help





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ok ok ok *smile*

Badgered me into it....I'll look tonight and report on the colour! The rear carb has a little fuel puddle on it after yesterday...


But it's still going to grl in the morning! My passenger to Le Mans insists 😳


I enjoyed the build - but travel kids and work consipired to make it take about 2 years longer than planned..did it all myself and very happy with the result *thumbup*...


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Just back from GRL in Woking - the issue was indeed the jetting. The plugs were totaly black. The new jets have given me a great idle at a steady 900, and removed the flat in first at 3500. It feels smoother all over, and I am sure I'll get better fuel consumption!


They also found an overtight cam adjuster - that was not adjusting the cam tension at all - *eek* so that got replaced too.....The water pump was also kaput (standing for 3 years)! ☹️


So all in all an expensive day -but got a car that can get to Le Mans and back (touch wood) *cool*



A copy of the carb guide would be very useful *thumbup*





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