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Rear Radius pick up points. What 's the difference


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It's probably been done before, but I'm after some advice on what the two pick up pionts do to the handling. Mine is currently on the upper point, what effect would moving it down have? (hpc VX by the way)


To buy an R400 or CSR200?MMM. WHich to choose. Or do I stick with the VX?

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Thanks for that gavin. But what i'm after is why the racers use the lower setting. What is the effect on the handling 🤔 Are any other changes required other than moving the radius arm 🤔

otherwise i'm just going to have to go testing.It would be nice to know what to expect though.


To buy an R400 or CSR200?MMM. WHich to choose. Or do I stick with the VX?

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Sorry, my previous post was a bit vague. What I can tell you is that apparently by using the upper mounting holes turn-in is improved. As Andy's 7 says in his post some racers also use the upper mounting holes.


But I don't know the difference in handling by using the lower mount - a slightly harsher ride? Less turn-in? ...... *arrowright* Anybody *confused* I'd be interested to know too.


My car is a '96 non Watts-link with no rear ARB. It has been flat floored. No other changes are required on my car when moving the radius arm positions.







prisonR 43 C12 KAR

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in basic speak *tongue*


the movement of the de dion tube is altered by the position of the radius arms - if you consider the 3 dimensional movement of the tube during its arc of travel under compression (or bump) you will see that there is the potential for greater degree of passive rear steer when using the upper mounting position .


As I understand ( simple view) it watts linkage greatly reduces / eliminates this passive rear steer by only allowing the verticle movement of the tube in compression.


there are also a few different A frame mounts over the years and these also alter the motion of the tube and its handling effect.




here is C7 TOP

Taffia Area Rep *thumbup*

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