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Fitting seats


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I am fitting my Tillets back into the car on standard runners, however there seems to be a problem as the rear bolts sit flush to the floor but the front is some 20mm off the floor...


Do I need spacers or something like that?






LeMans 2004 pics here



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They usually fitted with a varying number of large black plastic tillet branded washers. You can vary the number front to rear to adjust the rake of the seat but need enough to get the bulb for your bum off, or just on, the floor. I guess you could easily create something similar but a call to CC or perhap Tillet direct should get you some washers. Oh and they come it two thicknesses too.



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When you add washers, before tightening down the bolts check there's a gap between the bowl-bottom of the seat and the floor of the car - a steel rule slid in will do the job nicely *thumbup* If you're not comfy with the gap, add more washers - not enough and you'l pull the sub-seat away from the main section when you tighten it down *eek*



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