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Emerald Fuel-cutoff on overrun -causing stalls


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Hmm, switched Fuel-cutoff on overrun on at the w/e - thought I'd had it enabled before, but apparently not.


The engine has a tendency to stall approaching junctions now - how can I stop this? Set the lower rev limit higher so that it picks up the fuel again???


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Lower cut back in point is approx 1750rpm on std MEMs and Supersport MEMs programmes, you get a crackle every time 😬


Presumably with an emerald you can change a parameter which is something like rpm>x and throttle pot load siteIan


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I have mine set for "engine speed above 2000rpm". Initially I set it too low and I had a stalling issue - there didn't seem to be enough allowance as the revs were falling for the fuelling to come back in fast enough. I also have the throttle pot setting at marginally above that required for idle conditions.


If you have the engine speed setting too low, as well as a stalling issue the car becomes a pig to drive around at low revs - it's smoother but less economical with the cut-off disabled.



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