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carbon silencer

david nelson

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RIF was just developing a carbon fibre heatshield I believe rather than the complete silencer. Last time I spoke to him he was investigating what type of insulation to use behind the shield.


When he gets it finished I will be interested in road testing it for him. *wink*





R 417.39 😬

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I think SBD have discontinued the carbon exhaust.


Mark, Didn't the one that you saw go up in smoke have a steel sleeve fitted inside the carbon which actually helped transfer heat to the carbon (or some such excuse).


I leaned out the mixture on my car following use of a wideband lambda and my SBD silencer burnt through within a week.

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it the ''value added'' I want to avoid.


Quality of manufacture, materials , design and development costs.


Manufacture quality: the less you pay the less you expect.

Materials: SS, e-glass ect.

what are the diffrent designs, pro and cons


I would like a silencer that works, at a realistic price.




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The design, shape, length and diameter of the perforated internal tube is critical as is the material for the filling to ensure noise reduction without loss of power, the design of the removable end caps so that they dont leak and blow exhaust gases, the fitment of the sleeve so that it doesnt vibrate loose or in the case of carbon cans - explode *eek* ,the design of the inlet so that it actually mates to your manifold , the shape and size of the outlet . There is more to it than meets the eye . plus of course the labour for a quality exhaust to be made - maybe 5 hours labour in the uk for a craftsman to make a quality titanium can with expensive materials @ £45 per hour vs 5 hours in Taiwan for a 14 year old ?


You can get end pieces , tailpipes , internal perforated tubes and filling material from specialists so you can make your own if you want,and save a few bob if you have the time , tools to cut , weld , roll ally and bend tube *smile*



why does a Skoda cost less than an Audi A4 ? - same company , same engine .........

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Most of the above is rubbish.


Here are the expert facts.


Carbon cans, if made correctly are perfectly servicable. I have a carbon can on my car which is about 8 years old.


SBD stopped making carbon cans when Active Technology (the company I aquired the GW of) ceased trading - Their cars were made from low temperature carbon and hence were not durable. SBD also cost cust these cans to just two plies of .25mm carbon so they had little mechanical strength.


If a can is made from a high temp carbon (150deg clave cure) and post cured in an oven to a sensible temperature (say 225 degrees for a couple of hours), is made of a decent layup (2 x 0.5mm min) of HTM, foil lined to reflect heat correctly,it will withstand years of (ab)use.



Anything which is a cosmetic sleeve is of no use and as stated suffers massive heat conduction form the real can shell.


Anything made of e-glass is a LTM material and will not withstand the temperature or pressure changes which occcur in a silencer in this application.


Making things from carbon fibre properly costs a lot of money in terms of material and labour, and also relies on expensive manufcturing overheads. In small scale production £500 is aperfectly reasonable amount for a complete can. When I made a few batches in the late 90's, my input costs on the metalwork was around £200 per canand the 6" dia carbon sleeves cost around £150 each to make plus tooling costs.




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I would be interested in a carbon sheath for my titanium can to hide some dents . It seems that the titanium shell of my modest 1.6 K SS is getting more fragile now after two years of use. It would need to cover 260 °of the titanium can and would be fixed to the can by the screws fixing the titanium shell to the caps. No need for carbon caps, just 3/4 of a cylinder lining.

It seems to me that my Raceco does not get so hot that carbon could not stand the heat.



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