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Please close the thread once your items have been sold


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Excellent notion, but it might help if the "close thread" link was more obvious or perhaps you might like to explain how member can do it?


Aftere the last item I sold on BC, I was getting chased to close the thread and it took a while before the penny dropped...



Deliveries by Saffron, *thumbup* the yellow 222bhp Sausage delivery machine

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Slightly off topic, but something else to consider is that now there has been a lock-out of non-members it would make sense for folks to put phone numbers on their ads (A lot of folks don't do this) as Blatmails won't work for non-members and by not including a phone numbers you could be restricting the pool of potential buyers. Of course that assuming you don't mind selling to non-members *wink*


Edited by - Graham Perry on 12 May 2005 12:25:10

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Graeme, non-members can still view so putting number on is probably still not a good idea.


To lock the thread just click on the HERE in the sentence near the bottom of the page:

Click Here To Close thread (Topic Starter, Administrators & Moderators Only).



NE7Club Web Site

R5 no 65 😬 *cool*

I am after low level tyre rack and jerry can box for Mino


Edited by - Petrolhead on 12 May 2005 09:18:05

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