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More speedo questions...


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I'm currently suffering from a broken speedo setup (and, searching through BlatChat, I'm clearly not alone). There seem to be a number of fix possibilities that I'm trying to weigh up, and would really appreciate some advice from Those Who Know...


The mechanical angle drive/gearbox linkage sound inherently unreliable - I've been reading Pat The Plumber's tale of woe, and others like it. I'd prefer to sidestep that whole area entirely and go for a more reliable electronic speedo I think.


So, my questions;


- I've read a lot of postings about fitting bike speedos - they sounds temptingly straightforward to fit, but I think I'd prefer a standard-ish analog dial embedded in the dashboard if poss. Could anyone guide my towards the gauge/sensor components I should be looking for to achieve this? (PS. I'm a newbie, so please excuse the dumb questions).


- If I relent and go for a bike speedo, I was wondering if they're OK for MOT purposes? And what speeds do they read up to? *smile*

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The previous owner of my Seven had fitted a bicycle computer when the speedo failed. I kept looking at the non-fuctional dial so replaced it with one from here.


You can customise the design to best match your other dials. Another benefit is that the speedo has a light built in, so can be seen at night.


You'll also need a sensor for it, also available from the same site.


Silence those rattles and creaks: wear earplugs.

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I know of a couple of people who are using the Sigma BC1200. Both of their cars deliver over 230Bhp so I would imagine that this speedo reads accurately upto about 140mph.


You can pass an SVA with a Bike Speedo so long as it is lit.



The mechanical angle drive/gearbox linkage sound inherently unreliable

If the mechanical drive is fitted properly it works without a problem. I also found it helpful having my speedometer rebuilt and recalibrated.


You may also have difficulties if your car has clamshells. In the end I relented and put the Sigma BC1200 on my bike 😳



1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings *smile*

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Info on my bike speedo fitting (also a Sigma BC1200) can be found on my site (link in the sig *arrowdown*)


Mainly fitted it 'cos I can't see the speedo properly through the Momo wheel and it's miles out anyhow (about 10%). Works well and it's much more accurate.




The Caterham Pages here

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I too have just fitted the Sigma BC 1200 - because the original is difficult to see and hugely inaccurate (>15%). Works well.


So at the next MOT I'll want the MOT man to write down the odometer reading from the BC rather than the speedo dial - how easy will that be ???



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Thanks for the advice gentlemen. I think I'm going to try the Greengauges route, although the bike speedo does sound tempting.


I've also been told that angle drive failures are not all that common by Caterham themselves (perhaps unsurprisingly *smile*), but I suspect mine is either not well fitted or came loose over some pesky speed bumps in Ely. It doesn't just spin around the joint with the gearbox, it wobbles alarmingly as well...

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Before you invest in a new speedo, make sure it's the speedo itself that's knackered.

Undo the angle drive - knurled screw collar on the side of the gearbox and also undo it from the cable. Twist the cable at the gearbox end and look for flickering on the speedo, at least then you'll know if the speedo's at fault.

If it works then check that turning one side of the angle drive causes the other end to turn...angle ok.

There is a short length of speedo cable that goes between the gearbox and the angle drive - these break (mine did). If its broken it will be obvious.

If not then I guess it's something g'box related...

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