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Supersport to Jenvey Conversion

Robin C

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Some help required please from those who have previously carried out this mod....


I am converting a 1.8k Supersport to Jenvey DTH Throttle Bodies, Scouse Airbox and Emerald. I have a few questions:


1) The S/S fuel pressure regulator has a small diameter vacuum pipe connecting to the plenum, then a slightly larger pipe runs from the plenum to the charcoal canister. I am changing the fuel rail to the standard one with integral pressure regulator - is there a need for any vacuum pipes on the standard one?


2) The S/S setup has 2 breather hoses from the cam cover to the plenum. What happens to these hoses with the Jenvey/Scouse configuration? The backplate of the Scouse has a hole in it with a plastic liner - this looks as though it could be for a breather pipe to enter to the "filtered" air space. Am I right?


3) In the S/S configuration a small diameter tube runs from the throttle area to the flame trap then into the Mems - I presume all this is abandoned?


4)The Throttle Position Sensor was screwed to the plastic S/S throttle casing with course thread self tapper type screws. Obviously these wont do to connect it to the Jenveys - does anyone know the correct screw/bolt size?


5) Finally (Map scrounge) - I am unable to get an appointment at Emerald until July. Would anyone be kind enough to send me a map for the configuation I will have:


1.8 K, Jenvey DTH Throttle Bodies, Scouse Airbox, NO IAVC, 4-2-1 Powerspeed Exhaust.


Help and advice much appreciated.





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Lot of maps out there but we need to know what cam you are running with this set up and has your head been flowed?


Carl should be able to supply you with a suitable map to keep you on the road until your RR session.



Deliveries by Saffron, *thumbup* the yellow 222bhp Sausage delivery machine

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The cams are the standard Supersport ones and the head has not been ported yet - thats next years budget!!


Plenty of maps came with the Emerald disc - it might just be a question of picking the best one. I suppose being a bit ignorant in this field I'm concerned of getting the wrong one.



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1. You no longer need vacuum assistance for the FPR. Just leave the nipple on the top of the FPR open to atmosphere.


2. It seems appropriate to have *some* breathing from the cam cover, but you need to ensure that any air entering the cam cover is filtered, so yes, use one of the holes on the Scouse backplate. I think Mylo has done this. Might be worth emailing him if he doesn't see this.


3. This is the MAP sensor, no longer used with the Jenvey's/Emerald.


4. It'll be metric, that's for sure. Looks like ~M3 but can't be sure.


5. Best to call DVA and ask him. Have your disk handy so you can relate to the filenames.

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Hi Robin,


I have emailed a picture of my setup (1.8 K, Jenvey DTH Throttle Bodies, Scouse Airbox, NO IAVC, 4-1 Race Exhaust), showing the breather arrangement.


Unfortunately my new laptop does not have a db9 serial port so I can not download a copy of my map, however I am just down the road in Worcester if you want to compare or get a copy of the map.




Edited to say .... If you want a picture drop me an email and I will send you one... 😳


Edited by - wavydavy on 7 May 2005 10:37:18

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