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Gas flowing a head

Paul Deslandes

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I've ported around 30 C20XE and C20LET heads, but there are many others who can do a workmanlike job. They are fundementally a good design but require some detailed work aorund the valve seats, enlargement of the valve throats and opening of the inlet ports to around 26-27mm with heavy reworking of the short and outer turns of the exhaust ports. The chambers require little or no work.




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Like Oily says there are plenty of people who can do a good job for you. The ones to avoid are the porters who do a bull**** job and make the port look pretty and nothing else. The biggest trick with the VX is to open the port to 26 / 27 mm as Oily mentions in his post. From memory thay are only 24 or 25 mm as standard. Whoever you use, ask them the question "what size do you make the ports". They should be abale to answer. If they can't, walk away.


I did a couple of VX heads recently which went quite well on the dyno. As I am in "besotted with Duratec" mode at the moment I find it very difficult to work on anything other than Duratecs.


Just wanted to give Oily a plug. I recently saw a Duratec head he did for somone I know. I was asked what I thought of it. Told him there was nothing at all wrong with it and that I would have no hesitation whatsoever to have put that head on an engine destined for my own car.


Seem to have been able to turn a VX thread into a Duratec one! *confused* Sorry.



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Thanks for the responses and recommendations guys. I'm looking for someone who doesn't just shift parts and kits. I'm way beyond that with a cammed, throttle bodied engine that works well at the bottom and middle range but runs out of puff at about 6250 in 5th ☹️ which is OK on hills but useless when you're sprinting at Goodwood.


Oily, YHM.

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