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Respraying headlight stays - help required


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I am about to embark on tarting up my horribly rusty headlight stays and need some help.


Can anyone recommend a good paint that does not cost the earth, and is a good match for the black satin type finish on there at the moment ?

Also any recommendations on rust proofing undercoat ?

Any tips on setting the lights up again once they have been removed from the car. I know that I will need to get the lights re MOT'd but is it better to adjust the actual stay or the headlight itself ?


Any and all help gratefully received from people who might have done this before.





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I've tried many types of paint and came to the following conclsions:


Hammerite Smooth is OK providing you prepare the surface thouroughly, however its not resistant to stone chips and at the front of the car is a waste of time.


POR-15 is a lot more durable but does cost more - it lasts for ages so in the long run will work out cheaper.


As the headlight stays can be removed from the car - have you thought of getting them re-powdercoated?

Most finishing companies will do small items like your headlight stays for next to nothing.

If your not in too much of a rush this is the route I would recommend. The bonus is that part of the process used to powdercoat your wingstays will be "sand blasted" so you will get a really good finish.


FWIW I used POR-15 on my chassis and all the removeable parts were powdercoated locally.






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I'd recommend having them powder coated. If you're going to do them yourself "3M" do a paint called "BODY GUARD" (08158) that's easy to put on, is chip resistant & comes up to a nice flat finish. Similar to the finish on Caterham "blackpack" 😬
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Thanks guys. My car is 7 years old, were the stays powdercoated back then ? It looks more like paint to me....


If so, do you know anywhere in the Surrey area that will re powdercoat them for me ?


Any one else have any ideas ?





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  • Support Team

I would recommend going the powder coat route but if you want to paint them yourself then Halfords sell everything you need. Clean the old paint off with a drill/wirebrush or sand to a good finish. If there is significant rust then you'll need to treat with Cure-rust or similar. You need to sand again to get a decent finish. Now spray with Halfords zinc primer - a couple of coats does the job. For a really good finish allow 24 hours and then lightly sand with fine (1200 grit) sandpaper. Finally a couple of coats of Halfords satin black paint - the satin black is a very good match to rest of the powder coated bits on a Seven.


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