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200LB front springs and standard rears


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I have the following for sale


Nearly new 200lb front springs 1.9" - black 500 miles old


Standard progressive rear springs 2.25" - black 7000 miles old

£45 for them both

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Unfortunately the sump is a little too close to the ground - 55 mm so need to stiffen up! Love the current set up but the SBD sump is much closer than the standard vauxhall sump to the ground.
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I will get back to you in the morning once I am back in the office.




Fantastic day out on Saturday. Great fun and properly silly at times. Did you manage to get the dirt out of your teeth?



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The shower tray on Saturday night looked like a freakin' rockery 😬

It took Craig 15 minutes just to clean your oil out of his lugs, poor kid looked like he'd been down the pit!

Marvellous. It's the only way to fly, you should try it.

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