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How do I get the silencer off of the primaries??


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As per my other posts I seem to have a very noisy Powerspeed 4-2-1 so I am taking it all off and reinstalling it (in case it is leaking). Stumped straight away though! I can't pull the silencer off of the 4 primaries! I only used a smear of silicon to seal them so I thought it would haved pulled off easily, anyone know the secret to doing this??


Roadsport build photo's here

Le Mans 2004 photo's here


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Hi grubbster


I had the same problem with leaking manifold on my powerspeed 4-1 and cured the problem which I think was down to warping of the mating plate on the siamese 2&3 by smearing some silicone on the copper gasket on the header side. Stinks like crazy as it sets under heat but seems ok now *thumbup*




1989 1700XF SS with upgraditis

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