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de-dion set up


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I recently posted a message regarding unsettled handling at the rear on my '96 de-dion on right hand corners from which the rear ARB has been removed. On inspection over the weekend I noticed that the little rose jointed linkage between the de dion tube and an arm at higher level is missing on the near side but present on the right. Presumably this will effect handling in the way described? I have since discovered the linkage in some bits given to me by previous owner so it is simply as case of re-fitting it I guess. Can someone explain what these linkages are for and what setting they should be set to (as there are a number of hole positions)?



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These sound like the anti roll bar linkages and if one has been removed thats a minimalist way of disabling the arb. It shouldn't affect the handling unless it's fouling something.

The proper way to do away with the arb is to remove it and all it's linkages completely.

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