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Rattling tappets...........CURED!!!!


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Since fitting a ported head to my 1.8 'k' I have suffered increasingly with tappet rattle. This started around 600 miles after the upgrade, initaily intermittently but eventualy constantly following a short length of sub. 2000 rpm running. It would then take a mile of high speed running to clear the rattle.


In the last 2 weeks I have stripped the cams off 3 times, each time finding that the no. 3 exhaust follower and sometimes the no.4 & 7 followers were 'spongy'. I replaced 2 followers and flushed out the ball valve of others all to no avail !!! *mad*


After speaking to 'Oily ' yesterday I cheked the oilway drillings in the cylinder head that feed the follower buckets only to find that the holes were all on the high side but the 3 offending followers had

holes that were so high you could not see the follower oil groove when looking with a torch *confused*


Half an hour with a Dremmel and small ball cutter to slot the hole in the tappet bores and 'hey presto'

quite as a mouse. *wink* I cannot believe the varyation in the heght of the holes on a factory component.

They were all too high such that the follower groove was close to the bottom of the hole so I slotted them all.


I hope this may help fellow 'Rattlers' . 😬 (Thanks to Dave Andrews for the tip)



Mad about S77ENS

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Dave - Cadwell will be great fun *thumbup* Shame about the weather last year but I'm sure this time will make up for the disappointment 😬


Good news on the followers - Malcolm H may be interested in the fix - he's still having rattling issues *thumbdown*



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Well, seems I have the same diagnosis, at last. All of the oil drillings on the exhaust side of the cylinder head are poorly aligned, and 2 completely miss the oil groove in the cam follower altogether. Inlet drilling are in perfect alignment. This will come as some relief to those of you who are fed up having to ask me if it's fixed yet......Time to get the Dremel out.

Maybe in the future cylinder head machining in China will better than Brum.(Virtually brand new cylinder head, but I won't let on who I bought it from 😳)


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