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setting carbs


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Having trouble setting up twin dcoe40s on my 1.6vx.The problem is that i can set the idle screw, but a blip of the throttle causes the revs to rise, and takes quite a while to come back down.Any ideas what is causing this to happen? Is there a set sure fire procedure i can follow? Also where do take the 0.025 measurement at when putting new o rings on??

Any help would be good! cheers!


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Sticking throttle cable *confused* Try oiling it with Duck oil.


Return springs not working correctly, do you have the comp springs fitted on the front, or the springs in the rear of the carbs maybe broken - common fault.


When you blip the throttle, can you return it to normal by manually pushing the butterfly's closed with the spindle, that would tell you if its springs or cable. *thumbup*


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If your happy with throttle cable and return springs etc. revs hanging up like that would suggest your idle setting is too lean. Does anything else suggest that? spitting back through carbs etc. I reckon I'd try richening things up a bit. Two turns out from closed is the usual starting point.
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i have a 1600vx, used to have a similar problem. turned out to be the throttle cable routing as suggests previously.


my cable used to run out of the pedal box the bend over the top of the washer bottle, sort of horizontally on plan before entering the carb cable stop.


change the routing to go straight out of the pedal box and under the steering column and up into the carb cable stop. sort of u shape on elevation.


havent had anymore problems since.


chris p

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