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Which Cam do I have? + Vernier Results


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I believe R300s have the SuperSport Cams, and these are made by Piper?


Exactly which Piper Cam is it, or are they a Caterham only specification?


A PDF of the Piper K-Series Cams is here.




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are there any markings on the ends of the camshafts ? . You can see the ends of the cams poking out of the cylinderhead , behind the cam belt wheels or at the other end if you take the little metal 2"x2" dust cover off the end of the cylinder head .


I wouldnt be surprised if the cams were actually PTP ones rather than Piper . PTP are used in the R400 so I'm led to believe.

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I've had my vernier pulleys fitted by Steve Williams and am very pleased with the results.


Big thanks to DVA for the recommended settings *thumbup*


Before fitting my inlet was at 20 and exhaust at 87 at TDC - Steve (SW Lotus) set them to Daves recommended inlet at 70 and exhaust at 50 and the car runs very well! Pulls away very cleanly, more grunt lower down the revs which is fantastic on the road. And as a bonus the exhaust has a much crisper note with the pops n bangs sounding very nice, bit like the R400 I drove once 😬


7 only day @ Mallory - 06/08/05

R300 Register

My R300 *wink*


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