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F1 merchandise

mr toad

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I have three huge bags of assorted BAR merchandise.


It ranges from Jacques Villeneuve windscreens, cashmere management blousons to 2004 shirts.


The best offer for NtL secures. I would think that £100 - £500 is a reasonable guess.




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very funny about the rule book!


list attached: I have two bids so far of £100 each


no, I will not break-up, although I might part exchange for an r500


closing date for bids is the end of this week





for those who are interested branded means with cigarette (ie. Lucky Strike) logos, alibi (means the look alike logo that we used) and unbranded is with full alibi (ie. no lookalike wording)


1 Jacques Villeneuve Teleglobe windscreen

1 Leather management belt (brown)

2 Alpinestars leather team belt (black)

1 BAR Honda lapel badge

1 Brunotti black BAR backpack

5 pairs black BAR socks (unopened)

4 pairs black BAR socks (definitely opened)

1 BAR unbranded rain jacket

1 black BAR set-up waistcoat

1 BAR black travel jacket

5 unbranded team shirts (large)

1 paid 9.5 Brunotti black team trainers

1 grey Brunotti travel v-neck jumper

1 Head team bag (large)

1 pair black Brunotti travel trousers (34/32)

2 pairs black Brunotti travel trousers (34/32) (unopened)

1 alibi branded team fleece

1 convertible branded /unbranded 2004 team jacket - v. nice, these used to retail at c.£300 each from memory

2 pairs black team trousers

1 branded team fleece (unopened)

2 branded team shirts (unopened)

2 light grey BAR travel shirts (unopened)

1 white BAR travel t-shirt (unopened)

1 pair Brunotti team shoes (black)

1 black cover up jacket

1 pair black Timberland trainers

1 Brunotti waterproof travel jacket

1 BAR Honda cap (2000)

1 BAR cap celebrating teams 2nd podium (29.07.01 – Germany)

2 unbranded team anoraks

1 unbranded team fleece

1 branded team fleece

1 very original BAR coat (blue and grey) – worn

1 wool navy management blonson (very rare)

1 branded team jacket

1 branded team shower jacket

5 unbranded team shirt (unopened)

1 BAR management shirt

4 plain blue BAR management shirt

1 plain white team management short (unopened)

1 pair Lucky Strike trousers


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