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New sprint classes..............

Martin S.

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OK here goes...... I had a fantastic time as a relative newcomer (did Curborough in 2002) doing the Llandow sprint on Sunday and am now looking at the inevitable upgrades to help make me quicker (although the biggest tweek would probably be to my driving 😬). However, how far do you go, there’s different sping/damper set-ups and general geometry tweeking which seems fair enough and reletively inexpensive, but when you start looking at wide track/super wide track/inboard suspension etc things start to get very expensive. I was well impressed with Brodies car for example, but if more and more cars are developed to this sort of spec it will make it impossible for owners of more ‘ordinary’ machinery to compete. I wonder if there are any plans to introduce more classes to separate out for example, the trick suspension cars from the ‘standard’ suspension type.


BRG De-dion, 2Ltr Dunnel Zetec 165, got the LSD (in the dining room 😬)

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Martin - AFAIk there are no current plans to change the class structure, it has been discussed many times, usually revolviong around standard Vs non standard *confused*, banning acb10's, with or without a cat *confused*


the problem with adding more classes is that there would be less people in each one, some are already very small, especially at the invited events, and where do you draw the line, what ever is decided there will be some cars that are quicker than others, in every class and someone will be unhappy.


But don't forget a lot is down to driver and setup Simon Rogers who gave away 50 hp to dave jackson only missed out by 0.04s


I am not neccersarily disagreeing with you, as with your setup you probably have the least powerful car in class 4&5.


We do need to keep encouraging newcomers to the series to keep it alive, and with improvements like the novice championship we are getting there, are more classes the answer, I am not sure.



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I must be missing something as Class 1, 2 & 3 are for near 'standard' cars. Lots of people compete in these classes without trick suspension etc. I'm happy to look at changes to classes for next year but as Rob has already pointed out we've been here before.


You will end up with a class of 3 to 4 people which just does not work for a championship, but I'm happy to listen to all suggestions.


Perhaps for Class 1-3 we say no Mega wide track, no inboard dampers etc




Competition Secretary

*cool* 2005 Speed Championship - 13 Rounds with 7 counting towards the championship *cool*

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Very true Richard and for that very reason it puts me in class 4, which is my point *confused*


The classes at the moment are geared around engines and tyres only which I guess was fine until the super wide/Freestyle trick bits came along. It just looked very impressive on Brodies car but then maybe it was the overall package that made the difference.



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The championship is only 2 events old , lets not start so soon ?


lets see how things pan out .


I will be watching this year to see how A24 acb's wear , and how people with R300's fair in class 5 .


The 2 examples of how things can depend on setup and venue is me vs brodie in class 5 at longcross where the times were quite close with neither of us getting to grips with our new suspension . Then me vs Simon at Llandow where again set up was key in the close results ( I'm sure Simon will agree? ) - drivers excuse # 367b


lets not start moaning about structures so early on , we have a long season ahead . We can start throwing buns in the autumn at a bun throwing meeting as BB has said before *thumbup*


C7 TOP *tongue*Powered by Hellier Performance 😬

South Wales AO *thumbup*

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