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Non L7C Double Sprint @ Pembrey 4/5th June


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If anyone is interested in Joining me they are welcome to stay with me at home (if you can put up with the kids)


Double header sprint on the 4th and 5th June run by the BARC Wales.


Correct direction on the Saturday reversed on Sunday.


they have 70 entries to date and can take 120 but are filling up fast.


Let me know if you are interested.




Give it some Welly

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Not sure Dave


Waiting for regs. I called Anita today myself.


I'll wait and see.


Gambo is already confirmed in the road class?


I've just finished removing the thermostat. What a b*****d of a job *mad*


I did it once b4 on the old 1.8 without the rollers and the dry sump pump. But with them. I'm sure it would have been quicker to take the engine in and out.


Extention on extention, magnetic extendy thingy, swearing, selotape (don't ask)


Anyway 3 1/2 hrs later sorted.


And yes i do have aclue just not 6 pairs of hands or hands able to fit throgh the throtle bodies.





Give it some Welly

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