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Big head fastener failure


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I noticed that one of my cycle wings was moving slightly as I was polishing and feared the worse that the bonding of the big head fasteners had detached from the wing.


But no, one of the two 'arms' of the fastener had sheared off and was only being held by the cable tie. I've managed to refix it using the one good side and new cable ties and it seems quite secure but I'd like to change it to be sure.


Does anyone know how to unfix th big head base (solvent that will melt the bonder?) and does anyone have 1 spare big head they don't want!





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Second one I've heard failing like this.


One of my bonds failed (looks like I was a bit stingy with the Sikaflex), but checked the Bigheads over winter for this failure mode, and all were OK. Worth a check IMHO.




See some pictures of the build here. 5000 miles completed!

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