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Engine runs without the HT lead on spark plug.


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This brought a smile to my face over the weekend. I was mowing the girlfriend's lawn with a petrol mower. Decided that the easiest way to stop the engine was to remove the HT lead from the plug.


To my amazement, the engine continued running. My first thoughts were that a petrol mower was running on compression ignition, but this was quickly discounted.


I then discovered that there was a rather large spark bridging the 6 cm gap between the end of the HT Lead and the spark plug. 😬 😬 😬



1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings *smile*

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i hate lawnmowers


More specifically i hate one particular ride on mower. A great piece of design the method of stopping the engine was a rod pushed across and shorted out onto the top of the spark plug. Engine was mounted so that spark plug was under seat so stopping in it was reaching under seat and moving the rod. however it was very easy to miss the rod and grab the spark plug top by mistake. *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek*


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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