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R500 engine for sale .......

SLR No.77

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For those who haven't received this e-mail from Simon Lambert.............







With the new CSR260's now in production and customer deliveries commencing shortly, the last Caterham Superlight R500's have left the Dartford factory.


However, due to a last minute order change, we have been left with one new R500 engine.


This engine is being made available for sale at a special one-off price, to anyone looking to upgrade their car - to 230bhp...


For further details, please contact me on 01322 625804, or reply to this email.



Aftersales Manager

Caterham Cars Ltd


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ROFLMAO, brings back memories of Cadbury's Smash advert 😬


To coin a phrase "No Way, Jose"


They could sell it to SAIC who could clone them and knock them out for 3K.




See willfly.net for more info.

If you don't spin you ain't trying *smile*

Happiness is knowing you have just a tad too much power *wink*


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Don't suppose £10k is far off the mark for this state of tune. Hellier are selling a 240bhp 1900K for £12k and a 210bhp version for £8k so 230bhp is somewhere in between. Of course comparing it with larger capacity engines (e.g Duratec!) is bound to be unfavourable.


Yellow SL *cool* #32

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A little bird tells me that the engine itself is £10k plus VAT. Add on various essentials such as triple pass rad and dry sump, and labour to fit, and VAT on that lot....


... it could be more than £15 k *eek* *confused* 🙆🏻


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AFAIK new engines used to be about 12 +VAT (which is why I sold my R500 given my propensity for needing new r500 engines). So if it is 10+ VAT then not a bad deal if you want a new R500 engine. I guess it depends on whether it is a complete unit with all ancillaries or not.


Wow no more R500s that's sad.



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