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Wind deflectors/Rear wing guards


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Couple of questions.

1) Does anybody know of anyone who makes a wind deflector that actually works? The CC ones are pants. Not even worth a fiver. I don't want the hassle of making anything, but wondered if anyone else makes something.


2) I'm starting to get some bad chips on rear wings. I just have the standard stainless guards. I'm sure I read somewhere, that someone makes a fuller fit type thing, that completely covers the lower sides and bottom front lip. Anyone know who this might be?


Cheers for now.




Still Shaking.


6 speed 1600k Supersport

(keep forgetting to tell people what it is!)

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Millwood do full carbon wing protectors that coverall the lower wing around the side edge of the wing and up to the point that the doors meet the wing (if you see what i mean) i have them on my 1600 x flow and they are very good and easy to fit, providing far more protection than standard, not sure how much but about 80 a set i think..


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Try Lony Lloyd for wind deflectors. Link -



I have recently 'discovered' the joys of door-less sevening...thanks in part to getting some Wiley XL-1's which really shield your eyes from the buffeting and dust, but I too get tired of the fierce buffeting at speed. Thinking of getting some of these screens too. Don't know how the price compares to Caterham's own deflectors...how much are theirs?






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