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Citroen Saxo 1.1i Desire

Rick S

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On behalf of my mum...

Citroen Saxo 1.1i Desire

2001 / 51 plate

VVGC - it really is in good nick! Scuffs on wheel trims only.

Metallic gold

3 Door


Bad points:

5 owners - 2 of which are my mum and dad and before them it was dealer owned as well as owned by one of their salesmen. Not sure why, but it's in such good nick that I don't think it makes a difference.


Quick picture now here:

Clicky clicky


Price now 3000 quid for quick sale - this is a lovely little car & the nearest stuff on trader is 3600 and has 30k miles.

Sale being handled by me to save the oldies some hassle!


07966 153599


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I bought Hanna a 1.1 Pug 106 and it was a cracking little car.


Obviously wasn't going to tow the 7 on a trailer or harrass the Elsies around Snetterton but as a pootling around car was good fun and very cheap to run *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup*


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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