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k-series coolant hoses (dry sump)


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What are the differences between wet sump & dry sump sets of coolant hoses ?

I have a different shaped bottom rad hose from Caterham that they claim is for dry sump, but I can't get it to fit without fouling the scavenge pump. Is this bit the only difference in the whole system ?


I've managed to get my old wet sump hoses to fit for now......


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The dry sump bottom hose is different to the standard hose. It should be a few inches 'taller' to allow the hose to pass above the scavenge pump. Have you compared the dry sump hose to the original as it has not been unknown for Caterham to supply an incorrect part.


Mark D

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Found out by mistake (i.e. I got the wrong part) that the dry sump submarine pipe is different. It has a flat bottom for about 2 inches infront (or behind, depending on how you fit it) of the small bypass pipe. this may be your problem.




See willfly.net for more info.

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Rik - have you got the modified submarine pipe? This has a "dent" in it to help clear the pump. You also need to swivel the J-pipe from the thermostat so that it sits much higher.


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