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Millers 'octane boost'


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Maybe a stupid question but;


If i put millers 'octane boost' in a tank of 'super plus' unleaded what effect will this have on my engine?? It won't damage it will it? I've just had it set up properly on a rolling road so don't want to screw anything up !!!


let me know [lease


thanks. *thumbup*

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Snake oil IMHO.


IIRC it is promoted as being particularly beneficial with turbo engines - I ran several tankfuls of Optimax + Millers through my scooby and felt no effect whatsoever, apart from a lightening of the wallet.






Yellow and black 1.8 VX, pics here


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Sadly I've lost the URL.. where there was a clear and concise answer to yr question. If memory serves.. Bottled "octane Boosters" are basically Snake Oil.. apparently None (by actual test) will raise yer Tank of Gas's Octane Rating by more than 1 or 1.5 points... and that's with several Cans used, not just the one.

Yes it seemingly lt requires a Gallon or more per tankfull to make a significant difference.. and frankly in my view If it isn't significanrt .. why Bother?

There are several DIY Octane Booster Formulas.. I believe Tuolene comprises the Best of them , But Isoprpyl Alcohol is only slightly less effective.. and when Bought in Mass quantities.. several Gallons :-).. the least expensive of the Lot.

Try a Google search.. there is widespread Info on this Subject.. we aren't the only ones interested :-)

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