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Blast Cleaning

Johnty Lyons

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Took the remains of the Hoopsters engine to-day into a company I know very well, they in conjunction with a Danish company are developing a specalist blast cleaning system [in response to a need believe it or not for electric motor /generator cleaning] using Dry Ice. Well what a job Engine internally and externally looks like new Cyl head is gleaming and of course there is no residue so you dont have to worry about grit or sand or shot being anywhere it shouldn't be, plus it is completly controllable from 3 bar to 15bar and lots of different nozzles to get into those ackward nooks and crannies!!!! I wan one 😬 now 😬 they did the job for free as part of their research programme and to say I was chuffed is an understatment. Apparently Merceedes are already using it in their engine plant and other manufacturers are interested. It certainly is a big step fwd from shot/sand blasting and can be made gentle enough to work on wood they have already cleaned a fire damaged church *thumbup*. will keep anyone interested posted with developments.



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This has been around for some time and has been trialled in several OEM paint shops especially to clean the conveyer chain.


It's drawback (for the OEM's) is relatively high cost for the solid CO2. Water blasting gives much the same result but gives big disposal costs for the contaminated water it produces. The major way forward now is "Ice-blasting" using ice paticles generated on site and producing a much reduced volume of water to be treated.



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yep - this has been around a long time - we were doing it in 2000 - that part of the group now sold on but still going in California.


Big thing is cleaning ink from printing presses rollers - no need to dismantle.


Of course there is no grit to worry about - but all the crap you blast off can still linger here and there.


Ultrasonics is the way to go - will shift baked on carbon and leave ali like new - it's great designing these machines 'cos sooner or later I'm gonna need one of 'em to clean something important (other than the customers stuff of course).


Just for info and not advertising, have a look at www.ransohoff.co.uk


and this is definitely not advertising 'cos they're a competitor - dry ice blasting:











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