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Emerald hot start problems


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When my engine is hot, i.e just finished a session on the track or a sprint I usually let it run for about 10 minutes to cool but if I switch it off it will inlt start about 20% of the time, just turns over, almost and sounds like a dead battery, leave for a further 30 mins and it starts like new/fully charged battery.


Could this be the emerald map? temp compensation or is it just getting too tight when hot?


Any suggestions



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Hi there!


I am sorry not being abe to help you with this but I see that you're engine is the same spec as mine.

I am about to finnish the building of my car and will try to start for the first time in about a moinths time. As you an understand I need lots of various maps to get it runnin well.

Any chance I could have a copy of yours?


Kind Regards



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That was my thought dave but I was not sure if the advance at cranking was effected by the temp compensation, I will have a look but as I have no laptop that involves carting the computer into teh garage and I was hoping not to have to do that .





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Simon, you're correct in that you can only set one figure for ignition advance at start-up, but be sure, as Dave states, that it's less than around 6deg. Any more and the engine will possibly appear to slow during cranking, imitating a dodgy battery. Possibly also try the start-up enrichment settings on the coolant temp page - may be set a little rich?



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