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Recomded toe, caster and camber please

paul jacobs

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Having finally got my 1600 K on the road, I'm sorting out all those little problems that can't be done until the car is roadwothy. My front end and steering is VERY lively, turn in is virtually instant and much too OTT. I thnk that although set up static, I ought to get my set up checked over by someone with more accurate equipment than was available to me at the time.


Can someone let me have the recomended setup for the front end as well as toe and camber for the back please? I can at least start from first principals then.


Many thanks in advance.




Paul J. - On the road at last. it's only been two and a half years!!

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I think the book says 1.25°negative at the front, with 30' toe in.

I'm running 2.25°negative with 30' toe OUT, but it is a little twitchy, but turn in and understeer are better than the recommended settings.

I should add that I'm running 13" 185/60 Bridgestone RE720's.

The back end is as it came from the factory. Caterham say the camber is 1.5°, but it measures more like 1.75° negative. don't know about rear toe.

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It depends on the tyres and also are you widetrack?


Widetrack book settings have a smidgen of toe out. Straight ahead can be a good start.


The camber settings suggested don't sound bad. I'd possibly go for a bit more front neg camber - 2 degrees on radial tyres. Castor 6 - 6.5 degrees. If it really is as twitchy as you say, I'd pay close attention to the rear ride height. I also presume you have the radius arms on the lower setting.


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I'd back this advice up too. Assuming you're not using crossplies (which would be ACB10s unless you've raided an old Morris Minor...) then I'd suggest 2-2.5deg neg. camber on the front, a touch of toe-out (or start straight-ahead as Peter suggests) and around 2deg neg. camber on the rear. Castor? Depends on the vintage of the chassis. If it's pre-97 then as much as you can get on, otherwise start with 3 washers behind the wishbone and 1 in front. If you find the steering too light (which I guess could be part of your problem?) then add castor, which will firm it up and add more self-centering.



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Thanks Mike, Richard and Peter. I should have mentioned that the car is a 2002 chassis and will be using either 14" radials or 16" with AO32 fitted [yes I know, I know, but I 've got them for the old 21, so might as well use them up]. I've now found out the reason for the twitchiness, huge amounts of toe in, it was supposed to have been set up for 0 toe by my local garage too, I wonder what went wrong?
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