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Turning circle


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More of an intellectual exercise really because I'm going to get wide-track anyway (the choice is CC or push-rod!) but I was wondering whether increases in the track has any effect on the turning circle. I can't get my head around it. I suppose the extreme version is SV which is supa-wide as far as I know but presumably the same steering rack, what effect does that have???? *confused*




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Suggest getting the "push Rod" setup. One of the main failings of the Wide Track effort is that the Coils/Shox lay at an inefficient (dumb?) angle.. inefficient enough to deteriorate the handling, due to the non linear spring rates etc.

Note that the deceased Cat 21 went wide track ,finally front and rear tracks equaled :-).. but using the Original 'short' A Arms.. they had the luxury of widening the Chassis rather than having to use the 'Wide track' A Arm setup.

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Thanks Bare I'd rather made my mind up to get the pushrod system, it'll make cleaning soooooo much easier. But seriously I agree with your thoughts. But I was wondering if the turning circle is affected for the good or worse as compared to narrow track irrespective of the type I buy. ie does the fact that the wheels are further apart have any effect?


I've no doubt that I'll benefit from not hitting the indicators which I do at full lock at the moment. It's beyond that I was wondering...........The main reason is that I'm bored with tv at the moment.


Incidently, if I fiited Freestyles system of pushrods would that stop me from taking part in club sprints and so on?

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