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Chassis number doesn't seem standard


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After reading an earlier post about Chassis numbers, I thought I'd check my car's out to see what it said. Interestingly for what I thought was a very standard boring car it's thrown up a few odd things:


Upto digit 6, everything is as expected, but for the build type, I have a C. I believe this is a factory built car, so was expecting a S. Not sure if that is a typo or something else?


Next is the Chassis type which is A for alternative, does that mean anything special? I notice the other options are all fairly exotic so this could be just normal :)


Engine type is RJ, which is the right type (Roger K series SuperSport 1400), but the list suggests that RJ is post 2002 when my car was registered in 1995 as N.


Does this teach me that my car is some how odd, that Catherham wern't very accurate in filling in Chassis details, or that I'm really too sad for noticing? ;)



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