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Hi All,


I have an ex-race Xflow Supersprint, with dents and all. I do not plan on repairing the damage as I think it is all part of the patena(sp) and history of the car. Plus there is little point spending money on paint etc ... when it is ok as it is. If I wanted something plus and modern I'd save up for a superlight®, but then again my xflow is probably not much worse than those in the power or handling department.


However I do need to go for a different seat, as I am too small for the benchseat (and I move arround allot), so what should I go for next:


a) tillets - nice and light, but a bit modern for a 1990's car, and some do not like them, plus they are quite expensive.


b) Leather - look ok, sound good, but I've found most not that comfortable.


c) Custom Foam - great for me, not so good for others (other people rarely use or passenger in my car), light and cheap, and would look good in Alacantra or something.


What do people think?


Any ideas on a generic foam profile for the passenger side as other peoples foam seats can be really uncomfortable due to different arse profiles 😳

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Fitted tillets in my 1994 de dion and am really pleased with them. They get you lower in the car which must help handling I suppose. My line of sight with the original leather seats was through the top of the windscreen. I was also unhappy that I couldn't fit head restraints that would prevent impact with FIA bar. The tillets help you feel part of the car to as they hold you in place well although they are a bit cold in the winter! As far as them not being appropriate for the age of the car I wouldn't worry - they haven't changed much in looks over the last 50 years Hey! Good luck jim
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I love the old style leather S seats. I'm 6' and found that they pushed me up a bit too high so I removed the webbing from the bottom and cut a curve out of the stiff foam at the front. They are much comfier now an Im nearly on the floor. I think they make older 7s like mine resemble the cockpit of a spitfire.

But then again I am slightly mad *tongue*


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