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Vx DS pump oil leakage


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Hi, can't open your pictures but I had a leak from front of the pump, the seal had worn a groove in the spigot on the drive pulley. I machined down the pully and made up a sleeve which then pressed on, purchased a new seal from Titan and the problem was fixed.
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The Caterham Vauxhall dry sump pump is manufactured by Titan. The problem area shown in your pic is not an oil seal but just an ordinary twin-sealed (6201-2RSR) ball bearing. The actual oil seal is at the centre of the pump and is contained in a housing which is visible as a shiny metal plate about 5mm thick sandwiched between the front nosepiece casting and the first scavenge section. The pump is easily dismantled by removing the four long bolts, followed by the rear cover, then each of the two scavenge stages along with their woodruff keys, and finally the seal housing. You should then be able to see if the seal has been leaking as the hollow nosepiece section will contain some oil. I doubt if Caterham keep any spare parts for this pump but Titan should be able to supply a seal. You can also assess the condition of the front bearing at this point as any play or roughness is easily detected by twisting the pulley on the nosepiece assembly.
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