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Having Verniers Fitted...


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I'm keen to get some verniers for my 1.6KSS. Would anyone recommend doing this oneself or is it a job for someone else - most complex thing I've done to the 7 is change the clutch release bearing. I also don't have any of the guages needed for timing the cams.

If there is little to be saved (cost-wise) by doing it myself can anyone recommend a good place to have this done - Alex Wong's links page is down. 7 is in the Essex / Suffolk area.


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Hi JP,


i live in sunny Devon & drove the 200miles to get Dave (DVA) to fit them. well worth the journey as he has all the bits, was very knowledgable & certainly knows his thing. When I start my upgrades Dave will be the first person i call to do the work.

drove the 200miles back from Dave's with a huge 😬 😬 😬 on my face.


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Anglia Sevens at Long Stratton will do it.


If you are interested drop me an E-mail or come along to the Carrotland meeting next Monday.




Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬


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