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You Sir are a ******* and a ******** and also a ******** and your mother was a *********** and your children are very ********* and your wife looks like a ********* and your willy is so ****** that it looks like a *********.


I **** with every bit of my body and hope that you ***** of ****** very soon


WGW *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *mad* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown* *thumbdown*


WGW *wink*



No, you can't have one, there are all mine


Edited by - Wine Gum Winner on 29 Jun 2004 21:31:17

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Rosssssssssssy and WGW having babies would they be of Jelly *smile*



WGW I've tried editting it, it will teach me to be clever when i've been immbibing, there is a recipe involving WG's and acid earlier in the week, Maynards Sour.

Just wanted to see the casualty report 😬


When you realise the worlds not nice just drop your pants and slide on the ice!!!

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Shirley if we are not meant to respond to Tests, then Tests shouldn't respond to us...? Rachael - what's going on!







Just kidding - CB welcome to the Sheds - beanos in a pile over *arrowleft* and the kettle is on *thumbup*


G 4 Geoff


Leather Good - Carbon Fibre Bad *wink*



619 GTD here

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