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Quiet VX Exhaust?

Martin Plant

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Question for a friend who is temporarily without internet access. He has a 2.0 VX that is very loud. He is impressed with my Raceco 7.5" and was thinking of getting their 6.5". But the car is currently at Caterham Midlands and they reckon their own exhaust is just as quiet, but several hundred pounds cheaper.


We're sure that the Raceco is a better made product and probably lighter too. But this car is no lightweight so that's not a major issue. Are caterham's claims for their VX exhaust justified?






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I have a VX. I looked a a few expensive cans. Bought a 6" can from caterham, 99dba's at coombe in feb of this year. last year it was 104. Not re packable or as cool loking but my bank account liked it more. *wink* *thumbup*


better to blow it up trying, than ware it out!

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